Do Us/Yourself A Favor

Posted By on August 31, 2020

See something wrong, broken, or needs attention around Blu?  Instead of emailing or texting Action, the manager, or a Board Member, go on the Resident Portal and make your report.  Why?  Because those who receive your information will have to do the same thing, thus it will speed up the process and set in motion a tracking system that will keep you informed of progress.

Here’s the link:

  • Register or Log In
  • Select: My Community
  • Select: Work Orders
  • Select: +New (Report)
  • Select: My Home or Common Area

There is a drop down menu of possible items and a place to enter a more detailed description.

How does this help?  First, it speeds the process as Action Property Management has a team of Community Care employees who receive and are authorized to act on these request immediately, 24/7.  Secondly, it helps us track reoccurring or repeating situations that require more extensive repairs or immediate action.  And last but importantly, with so many working from home, it gets the information to those people who can actually solve the problem without jamming up the work load of those people who have other task. 

Do your part.  Owners should have a registered account.  Tenants can be setup by the owner, but are limited to certain information like updating the account.  Tenants can call Action (949 450-0202.  They can determine the best resolution.


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