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Do Us/Yourself A Favor

See something wrong, broken, or needs attention around Blu?  Instead of emailing or texting Action, the manager, or a Board Member, go on the Resident Portal and make your report.  Why?  Because those who receive your information will have to do the same thing, thus it will speed up the process and set in motion a tracking system that will keep you informed of progress.

Here’s the link:

  • Register or Log In
  • Select: My Community
  • Select: Work Orders
  • Select: +New (Report)
  • Select: My Home or Common Area

There is a drop down menu of possible items and a place to enter a more detailed description.

How does this help?  First, it speeds the process as Action Property Management has a team of Community Care employees who receive and are authorized to act on these request immediately, 24/7.  Secondly, it helps us track reoccurring or repeating situations that require more extensive repairs or immediate action.  And last but importantly, with so many working from home, it gets the information to those people who can actually solve the problem without jamming up the work load of those people who have other task. 

Do your part.  Owners should have a registered account.  Tenants can be setup by the owner, but are limited to certain information like updating the account.  Tenants can call Action (949 450-0202.  They can determine the best resolution.

Life At Home – Vol #15

Greetings Concerto Lofts Residents

Please enjoy the latest volume of the Life At HOme Newsletter brought to you by Action Property Management.

Life At Home – Vol. 15

Life At Home – Vol #14

Greetings Concerto Lofts Residents,

Please enjoy the latest volume of the Life At Home newsletter brought to you by Action Property Management.

Life At Home – Vol. 14

Life At Home – Vol. 12 and 13

Greetings Concerto Lofts Residents,

Please enjoy the latest additions of the Life At Home Newsletter.

Life At Home Vol. 12

Life At Home Vol. 13

Gym Reopening

Concerto Lofts Residents:

We recognize and appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown while the gym has been closed. In response to jurisdictional restrictions being lifted, we are pleased to announce that we will begin opening our amenities in a phased approach. The first phase will begin on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 with the reopening of the gym.

Please know that we remain committed to your health and wellness. In this transitional time, we will be implementing additional rules which are guided by federal/state/local regulations. We respectfully ask that residents follow the additional rules in place so that we can keep each other safe. If residents do not follow these standards, we may be forced to once again close our amenities or change our operating procedures, without notice.

Importantly, we will be implementing enhanced cleaning measures between reservations.

Guidelines and Restrictions:

  • Gym will be open during business hours Monday- Sunday 10:00am-7:00pm with a max temporary occupancy of 10 people per reservation.
  • Residents may use the gym up to 1 hour and 30 minutes at a time to allow all residents the opportunity to enjoy.
  • Each individual resident must reserve their own time by calling 213.239.9010, Apex Concierge. The first reservation time will be 10:00am and the last available reservation will be a 5:15pm Monday-Sunday. All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.
  • You will be checking in through Apex concierge.
  • Upon check-in resident must show valid ID.
  • At this time guests are not permitted.
  • Masks are required on the property except when in the gym.

Signs near the amenities will also serve as a reminder of new rules. Please keep in mind that failure to comply with community rules and policies is a violation of your lease obligations. The use of amenities remains at your own risk. Our residents continue to be our priority, and as always, we strive to make our community a great place to call home. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions by emailing or by calling 213.239.0663. Again, thank you for your patience during this transitional time.

Thank you



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